Serbia HA Assessment

Serbia HA Assessment

This video, shot by combat camera staff, shows the current work of a U.S. European Command (EUCOM)'s Civil Affairs (CA) team, accompanied by U.S. Embassy Belgrade representatives.  They are shown conducting follow-up assessment missions for a few of EUCOM's 2009 Humanitarian Assistance (HA) program projects, funded by DSCA's Overseas Humanitarian Disaster Assistance and Civic Aid appropriation (OHDACA.) 

Monitoring and evaluation engagements such as these provide a vehicle through which project quality and accountability can be assessed and serve to build on the initial security cooperation engagement with our Partner Nation, Serbia.  Humanitarian assistance projects often require small financial investments, relative to other security cooperation tools, but the return is great, strengthening local and national relationships, both military and civilian. U.S. Ambassador to Serbia, Michael D. Kirby, sees OHDACA projects providing valuable "bang for the buck."

The projects highlighted in this video are:
--BELGRADE: The donation of a pulmonary function test machine and examination procedure table to the Mother and Child Institute; collaborative disaster response work with the Red Cross of Serbia providing minimal cost humanitarian assistance and excess property.
--VARVARIN: The complete construction of a special needs children's center; the repair of the medical dispensary roof and donation of medical equipment; the renovation of the kindergarten facility and donation of school-related excess property.
--PROKUPLJE: The complete renovation of the Prokuplje Kindergarten.
--TUBAREVAC: The renovation of the Soku-Banja Elementary School and donation of school-related excess property.

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