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End Use Monitoring (EUM) Division

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The End Use Monitoring (EUM) Division oversees the Golden Sentry program.   EUM reduces the security risks involved in transfers of equipment and services, and assures that required export controls, physical security, and accountability requirements are in place and enforced.

The principal components of Golden Sentry’s execution include obtaining pre-delivery end-user assurances from the recipient governments and international organizations regarding authorized end-use, re-transfer restrictions, and protection of U.S.-origin defense equipment, Routine and Enhanced end-use monitoring by Security Cooperation Organizations assigned to U.S. Embassies worldwide to verify end-use, accountability, and security of defense articles and services, and Compliance Assessment Visits performed by the EUM Division personnel, Golden Sentry personnel from DSCA verify compliance with the end-use terms and conditions of sale and other transfer agreements.

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Monitor the use of defense articles and services provided to foreign governments or international organizations through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and DoD-managed other government-to-government programs.


Golden Sentry’s objective is to ensure compliance with technology control requirements in order to minimize security risks to the United States, partner nations, and Allies. EUM includes all actions to prevent misuse or unauthorized transfer of defense articles or services from title transfer until disposal.

Legal Basis For EUM Programs

Section 40A of the Arms Export Control Act, as delegated to the Secretary of Defense by Executive Order 13637, requires the Department of Defense (DoD) to perform End-Use Monitoring (EUM) of U.S. defense articles and defense services. The Secretary of Defense re-delegated this authority to the Director, Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) in DoD Directive 5105.65. To comply with Section 40A, the DSCA developed policy guidance in the Security Assistance Management Manual, DSCA Manual 5105.38-M, and established the Golden Sentry EUM program.


Chapter 8 of the SAMM

Current List of Identified EEUM Articles