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Successful Highlights

Trade Show Participation (Initiative 5.2.a.)

The DSCA Trade Show initiative improves DoD support to trade shows by synchronizing enterprise participation at both international and domestic events. Increased planning and preparation for trade show participation maximizes limited resources and prioritizes engagements with regional and industry partners.

Successful Highlights - DSCA Trade Show

In FY16, DSCA, working with the Combatant Commands (CCMD) and the MILDEPs, synchronized efforts to provide equipment and Distinguished Visitor support to 17 international trade shows. DSCA worked closely with counterparts at the Departments of Commerce and State to support defense industry in pursuing increased business opportunities at the Singapore Air Show. DSCA, working closely with the Office of Defense Cooperation in London, successfully synchronized activities, messaging, and outreach engagements for 23 senior leaders who participated at the Farnborough International Air Show.

In FY17, DSCA will synchronize trade show support by continuing to refine equipment and Distinguished Visitor planning. In addition, DSCA will seek to expand planning and synchronization efforts to include broader representation from theater-components, program offices, and defense industry.

Lead Nation Procurement (Initiative 6.2.b.)

The Lead Nation Procurement Initiative advances the U.S. commitment to help the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and NATO members maximize the purchasing power of their defense budgets through the types of procurement envisioned by Smart Defence initiatives. Lead Nation Procurement permits joint procurement of defense articles and services through a lead country for economies of scale and also offers the potential for flexible retransfers among members of the group.

The first Lead Nation FMS case was implemented in July 2016. Baltic nations are participating in a case to share the costs to host a senior U.S. Army officer at the Baltic Defence College. In August, another key milestone was reached with the Congressional Notification of a case for precision-guided munitions with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency as the Lead and several NATO nations participating.

DSCA and the Department of State continue to solicit proposals for additional candidate Lead Nation cases and also continue their efforts to develop additional tools to support multinational procurements.

Standard Level of Service (Initiative 6.1.b.)

This initiative will successfully create a unified definition of "standard level of service" to be used across the Security Cooperation community. The standard level of service initiative provides further clarification as to which services are funded by the FMS surcharge and which are properly funded by a line on a LOA document or other sources of funding. Additionally, guidance is now provided on activities specific to "non-standard" items. If the DOD does not currently procure an item, it is considered non-standard and the additional workload necessary to procure and deliver that item will be funded by the LOA. Last, this revised policy addresses the volume of some activities that will be provided with the FMS administrative surcharge. For example, only one case review will be provided each year.

By further defining which activities are provided with the FMS administrative surcharge, the entire DOD will provide LOAs that are more consistent to our international partners. DSCA expects this policy to be implemented in FY17. Shortly afterwards, DSCA will initiate a detailed review of the administrative surcharge rate.