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Message From The Management Team

Though DSCA management has undergone some changes over the past few years – both in terms of personnel and organization – we collectively remain fully dedicated to achieving DSCA Vision 2020 by implementing the goals, objectives, and initiatives laid out in this document. The revisions we have made since last year’s update reflect our shared commitment to respond appropriately and positively to an increasingly dynamic environment. While specific initiatives sometimes require adjustment, our fundamental agency values remain unchanged and we pledge to hold each other to the same high standards to which we hold the broader workforce. DSCA Vision 2020 outlines the appropriate course of action for addressing the challenges of the coming decade.


Acting Dep Dir and PD for Business Operations Sig
Acting Deputy Director and
Principal Director for
Business Operations

PD for Security Assistance & Equipping Sig
Principal Director for
Security Assistance & Equipping

Chief Performance Officer Sig
Chief Performance Officer

PD for Strategy Sig
Principal Director for Strategy

PD for Information Management and Technology Sig
Principal Director for Information
Management and Technology

PD for Administration & Management Sig
Principal Director for
Administration & Management

General Counsel Sig
General Counsel