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Message From The Director

Rixey, Joseph, VADM

Director's Bio

The past few years have been an exciting time for Security Cooperation. Our programs and workforce continue to grow ever more critical in supporting our national security and foreign policy objectives. The interagency’s highest levels recognize and support the value of what we do and our efforts to improve.

In 2013, the agency embarked on a journey to respond to the rapidly changing environment and to identify improvements to meet new and different demands on the Security Cooperation community. This resulted in the Defense Security Cooperation Agency’s (DSCA) six-year strategy, Vision 2020, originally published in October 2014. Vision 2020’s 23 objectives and 78 initiatives address three approaches: laying the foundation, synchronizing to meet customer expectations, and ensuring effectiveness and efficiency.

During the last year of Vision 2020 implementation, we made important progress on a number of initiatives, including reorganization of DSCA into a regionally aligned, matrixed organization; reduction of contract administration surcharge fees; and collaboration with the interagency to issue a Lead Nation Procurement policy. Nevertheless, our environment is very dynamic. We must continue to respond proactively to the increasing demand for U.S. defense articles and services. The environment has necessitated changes to some of our initiatives, a healthy consequence of our commitment to evaluate continuously the needs of our community. This year’s update highlights changes to Vision 2020’s approach that will guide us moving forward, along with our achievements over this past year.

Stakeholder expectations are high – from our international partners, the United States Congress and senior government officials from across the interagency, as well as our industry colleagues. With our Vision 2020 foundation in place, we facilitated high-level discussions with our stakeholders and together produced a robust set of initiatives – focusing on the enterprise and complementing the efforts already underway at DSCA. We have collaborated extensively across the enterprise and have already begun to make important improvements to our programs – most notably to the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) system. I have highlighted these enterprise-wide initiatives in an appendix to this update. Although different stakeholders are leading these initiatives across the interagency, it is important to recognize the synergies these efforts share.

One of the most transformational efforts is to change the Security Cooperation workforce to adapt to the 21st century environment. The workforce, our greatest asset, must evolve to be fully trained, certified and resourced to carry out the critical Security Cooperation mission. This effort will be our highest priority as we continue to implement Vision 2020 and support the enterprise initiatives.

I look forward to continuing to serve with you as we support solutions for America’s global partners.

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Vice Admiral, USN