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Appendix: Acronyms

AECA The Arms Export Control Act
CCMD Combatant Command
CDEF Case Development Extenuating Factor
DOD Department of Defense
DISCS Defense Institute of Security Cooperation Studies
DSAMS Defense Security Assistance Management System
DSCA Defense Security Cooperation Agency
FAA Foreign Assistance Act
FIAR Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness
FMS Foreign Military Sales
G-TSCMIS Global Theater Security Cooperation Management Information System
IT&M Information Technology & Management
LOA Letter of Offer and Acceptance
LOR Letter of Request
MILDEP Military Department
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NC Nonrecurring Cost
OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense
SAMM Security Assistance Management Manual
SCES Security Cooperation Enterprise Solution
SCO Security Cooperation Office
USG U.S. Government