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DSCA Strategic Plan : Vision 2020 Update (October 2016)

Strat Plan Cover

DSCA Vision 2020, originally published in October 2014, lays out a plan for DSCA to enable such an approach by the Security Cooperation enterprise, focusing on three interlocking areas: (1) synchronizing security cooperation activities, (2) meeting customer expectations, and (3) ensuring the effective and efficient use of community resources.

During the last year of Vision 2020 implementation, we made important progress on a number of initiatives, including reorganization of DSCA into a regionally aligned, matrix organization; reduction of contract administration surcharge fees; and collaboration with the interagency to issue a Lead Nation procurement policy. Nevertheless, our environment is very dynamic. We must continue to respond proactively to the increasing demand for U.S. defense articles and services. The environment has necessitated changes to some of our initiatives, a healthy consequence of our commitment to evaluate continuously the needs of our community. This year’s update highlights changes to Vision 2020’s approach that will guide us moving forward, along with our achievements over this past year.

2017 DSCA Transparency Handbook

2017 DSCA Transparency Handbook Cover

The 2017 Transparency Handbook lays out milestones and tools which will enable us to better execute the Security Cooperation mission. Our ability to openly communicate will foster better understanding as we work to achieve common goals.

DoD Transfer of Night Vision Devices (NVDs) Handbook

NVD Guide Cover

The Night Vision Device (NVD) Handbook provides detailed procedures for processing requests for NVDs. Policy guidance related to NVDs and Letters of Request requesting them will remain in the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM). Procedural guidance will be kept current in the NVD Handbook.

Foreign Customer Guide

Foreign Customer Guide Cover

The purpose of this guide is to provide you, the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customer, with a simplified overview of the process the United States (U.S.) uses to transfer defense articles and services from the U.S. to friendly foreign governments or to specific international organizations.

Arms Sales: Congressional Review Process

Arms Sales: Congressional Review Process Cover

This summary reviews the process and procedures that currently apply to congressional consideration of foreign arms sales proposed by the President. This includes consideration of proposals to sell major defense equipment, defense articles and services, or the re-transfer to third party nations of such military items.

Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Video

Foreign Military Sales Video

This video VADM Rixey describes the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) process and how businesses can participate in FMS.

Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) DSCA 5105.38-M

Security Assistance Management Manual Cover

The SAMM is issued as a DSCA Manual under the authority of DoD Directive 5105.65, "Defense Security Cooperation Agency". It provides DoD-wide guidance to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Military Departments (MILDEPs), the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Joint Staff, the Combatant Commands, the Defense Agencies, the DoD Field Activities, the Security Cooperation Organizations (SCOs), and all other organizational entities within the DoD (hereafter referred to collectively as "the DoD Components") engaged in the management or implementation of DoD Security Assistance and Security Cooperation programs over which DSCA has responsibility, in accordance with the Foreign Assistance Act (FAA), the Arms Export Control Act (AECA), U.S.C. Title 10, and DoD Directive 5132.03, "DoD Policy and Responsibilities Relating to Security Cooperation", October 24, 2008, and related statutes and directives.

Foreign Military Training and DoD Engagement Activities of Interest

Foreign Military Training and DoD Engagement Activities of Interest Cover

Section 656 of the Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) of 1961, as amended (22 U.S.C. § 2416), and Section 652 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2008 (Division J - Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2008) (P.L. 110-161), requires that each year, the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State shall jointly prepare and submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report on all military training provided to foreign military personnel by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of State during the previous fiscal year and all such training proposed for the current fiscal year.

Volume I of this report provides the operational benefits to U.S. forces for these training and education programs and engagement activities; a description of each type of activity; a summary of all training provided along with the foreign policy justification for each country; country activity training lists (excluding training purchased by foreign countries through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program and excluding training to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member countries).

Excess Defense Articles Database Tool

Excess Defense Articles Database Tool Cover

This database contains authorization and transfer data, but no information on potential offers not yet been notified to Congress. Prior to notification to Congress, the decision to provide EDA is not yet final and disclosure of potential offers is not possible.

DSCA Historical Facts book and Fiscal Year Series

Historical Facts Book and the Fiscal Year Series Cover

The Historical Facts Book and the Fiscal Year Series are annual publications that are usually published by the end of the summer.  With each edition, prior year's information is updated to reflect current data and to correct any erroneous information that may have been reported.

A Comparison of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Versus Direct Commercial Sales (DCS)

Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Versus Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) Cover

International military sales are on the rise. While the United States and European Union are cutting their defense expenditures, several countries—particularly in East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and South America—are increasing expenditures. Hence, U.S. Contractors are increasingly seeking to sell products and services to these markets. There are two primary methods for doing so: government-to-government sales through the U.S. Government’s Foreign Military Sales (“FMS”) program and similar mechanisms, and Direct Commercial Sales (“DCS”) negotiated directly between the contractor and the foreign customer.

Foreign Military Financing of Direct Commercial Contracts (FMF DCC)

Foreign Military Financing of Direct Commercial Contracts Cover

In 1984 the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) established guidelines for the processing and review of commercial contracts for direct purchase of U.S. defense articles and services from U.S. firms to be financed with funds appropriated by the Congress. Since that time the program has been downscoped. Purchasers (defined as the foreign countries eligible by U.S. law to establish Direct Commercial Contracts (DCCs) funded with Foreign Military Financing (FMF)) are encouraged to use the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) system for their acquisition needs.

The Foreign Military Sales Trust Fund Administrative Surcharge Account Handbook for the Security Cooperation Organization (SCO)

Foreign Military Sales Trust Fund Administrative Surcharge Account Handbook Cover

The Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Trust Fund Administrative Surcharge Account Handbook for the Security Cooperation Organizations (SCOs) is a guide to the SCO budget and financial management processes. It incorporates and supplements guidance contained in the DSCA 5105.38-M, Security Assistance Management Manual (published and available online as the e-SAMM) other Department of Defense (DoD), joint service, military department, and Geographic Combatant Command (GCCMD) references.

Case Reconciliation and Closure Guide (RCG)

Case Reconciliation and Closure Guide Cover

The Case Reconciliation and Case Closure Guide (RCG), which is incorporated into Appendix 7 of the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM), provides process and procedural guidance for the reconciliation and closure of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Building Partner Capacity cases.


The Military Articles & Services List (MASL) Handbook

MASL Handbook Cover

The Military Articles & Services List (MASL) is a catalog of descriptive codes and text used to identify materiel and services available to be transferred to foreign governments and international organizations. The codes and text are used in myriad systems to identify what is being transferred and to track logistics and financial transactions (e.g., Letters of Offer and Acceptance (LOAs) documents, lease documents, bills sent to the customers, storage facility inventory lists, shipping documentation, surcharges) and perform diverse reporting.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) Contracting Process Roadmap

DISCS Green Book Cover

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) Contracting Process Roadmap is a web-enabled guide designed to benefit contracting personnel and their customers. The Roadmap houses process and regulatory guidance, tools in the form of templates and samples, and hyperlinks to additional information to promote consistency and standardization across the field, reduce variation, and open communication channels across DSCA.

Online Green Book "The Management of Security Cooperation"

DISCS Green Book Cover

The basic textbook employed by the Defense Institute of Security Cooperation Studies (DISCS - formerly DISAM) for instruction of all classes covering the full range of security cooperation activities. The text is revised annually and commonly referred to as the "Green Book" as it is bound in a green cover.