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Full and open competition, when used with respect to a contract action, means that all responsible sources are permitted to compete. Small Business set-asides fall under a category called "Full and Open Competition After Exclusion of Sources" and are competitive acquisition strategies.

Submit to the Contracting Office a description of the requirement (Performance Work Statement (PWS) for services to include a Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) and Inherently Governmental Function Certificate (IGFC)) or a product description (for supplies). Also, prepare an Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE), a Source Selection Plan (SSP), and a Technical Evaluation Plan (TEP) if applicable. Other documents may be required - contact the Contracting Office for further guidance.

Market research involves collecting and analyzing information about capabilities in the market to satisfy agency needs. Market research is required by 10 U.S.C. 2305(a)(1)(A)(ii) and U.S.C. 253a(a)(1)(B).

Once a requirement has been identified, defining the requirements is the next major step in the procurement process. It is the Requiring Activity (RA) that identifies, defines, and details its procurement needs. Only when the RA can succinctly identify its program's mission, accurately describe the program's relevant history, and confidently detail anticipated scope and requirements, is it ready to proceed through the contracting process.

"Contracting Officer's Representative (COR)” means an individual, including a Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR), designated and authorized in writing by the Contracting Officer to perform specific technical or administrative functions. A COR is a key members of the acquisition workforce. A COR’s duties include, but are not limited to, defining the requirement, conducting market research, and conducting contract surveillance after award.

The following pages will walk you through the contracting process. The process is broken into four (4) sections. Click one of the links below to get started. Click one of the links in the navigation page to the left to move to another section.

Advancing US Security Through Foreign Military Sales

Article Sourced From:
Defense News Aug. 30, 2016

Article By:
Ambassador Tina Kaidanow and Vice Adm. Joseph Rixey

First Lead-Nation Procurement Case Signed

WASHINGTON, August 19, 2016 -- The Department of State Bureau of Political-Military Affairs and Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) have announced the signing of the first Foreign Military Sales (FMS) case under the new Lead-Nation Procurement Initiative as part of a series of improvements to be made to FMS processes as outlined in DSCA’s strategic plan – DSCA Vision 2020.

POLITICO Pro Q&A: DSCA Director Vice. Adm. Joseph Rixey

Article Sourced From:
Politico Pro Aug. 14, 2016

Article By:
Ellen Mitchell


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