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An offeror, upon its written request, received by the agency within three days after the date on which that offeror has received notification of contract award, in accordance with FAR 15.506, shall be debriefed and furnished the basis for the selection decision and contract award.

The Contracting Officer shall release the appropriate post award notices. These notices include the Notice to Unsuccessful Offeror, Award Notice, etc.

A Contracting Officer Representative (COR) is an employee of the requiring activity designated by the Contracting Officer to perform contract administration activities and must be designated prior to the award of a contract. The COR must be nominated in the CORT Tool in the WAWF eBusiness Suite. The nomination is created by the COR and approved by the COR Supervisor. Once the nomination is complete, the COR will be appointed by the Contracting Officer.

Report all contractual actions, including modifications that have a face value, excluding unexercised options of more than $7M.

The Contracting Officer shall draft a copy of the award document and prepare the contract file for submission to DBO/CON Policy and OGC.

The Chairperson will consolidate the input from each evaluation team member and prepare a final report for the SSA. The COTR or Technical Team Member (TTM) will complete the technical evaluation if the SSEB is unavailable or unnecessary.

Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) Members shall evaluate the Final Proposal Revision (FPR) in accordance with established evaluation criteria. The Contract Specialist or other person designated by the SSA will complete the evaluation if a SSEB is unavailable or unnecessary.

At the conclusion of discussions, each offeror still within the competitive range, shall be given an opportunity to submit a Final Proposal Revision (FPR). See FAR Sub-Paragraph 15.307(b).


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